Interactive Water Management (IWAMA)

aqua & waste International GmbH is involved in the project “Ineractive Water Management” (IWAMA) within the framework of the EU-programme Interreg Baltic Sea Region. In cooperation with Zweckverband Grevesmühlen a energy-optimzed wastewater and sludge management system will be developed.

At a Glance


»    Advanced control
»    Sludge management
»    Energy optimization
»    Nutrient removal
»    Baltic Sea


Currently Grevesmühlen WWTP has a total capacity of 65,000 PE, including a large proportion of industrial discharges (dairy, coffee production). Besides biological treatment of the wastewater by activated sludge process, the plant comprises a centralized sludge treatment system (thickening, thermal hydrolysis, digester, co-fermentation, dewatering) covering the area of wastewater management authority Grevesmühlen. The sludge liquor is treated in a two-step De-ammonification unit. Based on a working partnership between Zweckverband Grevesmühlen and aqua & waste International the project “Advanced Control in Grevesmühlen WWTP” seeks to improve the overall process control, automation system and mass flow management for a energy-optimized wastewater and sludge treatment. The main goal is to make a contribution to the improvement of the environmental state of the Baltic Sea by an extensive and effective nutrient removal. The investments include technical equipment for a new monitoring site, realization of extended measurements, data collection and statistical analysis of the data.

IWAMA – overall

Duration:  MAR 2016 – FEB 2019Interreg_EU
Total budget: EUR 4.6 million
European Regional Development Fund: EUR 3.7 million