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»    Aquaculture and agriculture
»    Sustainable waste management
»    Biogas reactor
»    Renewable energies



The BiFFiO project is an example of industrial symbiosis initiated from aquaculture, agriculture and renewable energy industries for sustainable waste management by producing renewable energy from mixed aquaculture and agriculture waste, in addition to production of fertilizer which will be used in the agriculture sector. This project aims to develop energy-efficient, cost-effective, easy to implement and  easy to operate biogas  technology as well as usage of recovered nutrients. The EU has fixed a goal of supplying 20% of the European energy demands from renewable energy systems (RES) by the year 2020. A major part of this renewable energy will originate from European farming and forestry. At least 25% of all bio-energy in the future is likely to originate from biogas, produced from wet organic materials such as animal manure, whole crop silages, wet food and feed wastes, etc. Therefore, there is a pressing need to develop feasible technologies that enable the production of renewable energy for smaller fish and animal farms in rural areas.