H-Batch System / DUPLEX-Technology

The application of anaerobic sludge digestion for sewage sludge is often only economically feasible for plants exceeding 50,000 PE. New developments focus on the increase of the economic viability of anaerobic digesters by adding   energy rich co-substrates to the system. For an application of this technology in small scale plants, a compact system with an integrated digester has been developed (H-Batch system) and applied. This allows even small sized treatment plants (10,000 PE) to run an anaerobic digester under economic considerations

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Microaeration has recently proved to be a highly efficient biological method of sulfide removal regarding anaerobic digestion of wastewater and sludge. The process is based on controlled dosing of a limited amount of air or pure oxygen into the digester to ensure the oxidation of sulfide to elemental sulfur.

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The technology comprises an aerated nitritation tank, followed by a mixed denitritation tank and a final clarifier. The recycle flow of the excess sludge is conncected to both nitritation and denitritation tank. Additionally there is a recirculation of the clear water phase to the nitritation tank.

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