Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Hartwig
Managing directorHAR

»    Design, planning, simulation, project management
»    Municipal and industrial wastewater treatment
»    Sludge management and sludge liquor treatment (nitrogen removal)
»    Inspections, optimization measures
»    Water/waste water fee calculations
»    Negotiation with municipalities and industries
»    Training and workshops


M.Eng. Philip Bargheer
Project engineer

»    Wastewater treatment (municipal, industrial)
»    Wastewater treatment concepts for developing countries
»    Sludge management (dewatering, drying, incineration)
»    Environmental remediation (military site, petro industry)


M.Eng. Henning Zeich
Project engineer

»    Industrial wastewater treatment (tanneries)
»    Sludge management (digestion, co-fermentation)
»    Simulation of wastewater treatment plants (HYBEKA, SIMBA)
»    Wastewater treatment in developing countries