H-Batch System / DUPLEX-Technology

At a GlanceDUPLEX

»     Compact technology with small footprint
»     Co-fermentation of organic solid waste
»     Higher specific biogas production
»     Small amount of electrical and mechanical equipment
»     Low operation and maintenance costs
»     High level of performance and durability


Application of anaerobic sludge digestion for sewage sludge is often only economically feasible for plants exceeding 50,000 PE. New developments focus on the increase of  economic viability of anaerobic digesters by adding  energy rich co-substrates to the system. For the application of this technology in small scale plants, a compact system with an integrated digester has been developed (H-Batch system) and applied. This allows even small sized treatment plants (10,000 PE) to run an anaerobic digester under economic considerations. A further technical development includes the co-fermentation of organic fraction from the solid waste treatment (DUPLEX – technology). Residue from the digester can be composted together with further organics. The required sorting can easily be placed next to the wastewater treatment plant in order to minimize the rout of transport. Compared to a complete discontinuous SBR plant, the H-Batch reactor requires only a small amount of electrical and mechanical equipment. In addition, low effort is required for measurement and control, even though the advantages of a batch wise intermittent operation are realized. The H-Batch system is designed as a key component and main treatment stage for various tasks in waste water treatment. Basis of the design is a small footprint, as well as a simple and robust but very efficient technology.