Completed Projects

The list below comprises a selection of succesfully completed projects and will be continuously updated.

H-Batch (India)

The technology used is a SBR-system with the H-Batch technology and includes advanced treatment with nitrification, denitrification and P-removal. The detail design is approved by the Indian authorities. The capacities of the two wastewater treatment plants are the following:

»    5.4 Mld (36,000 PE)
»    16.1 Mld (95,000 PE)

Type of services provided: Preliminary design, detailed design and detailed engineering for civil works, mechanical and electrical installations.

NCPC (China)

Anaerobic treatment of the WWTP sludge and further organic residues. The capacities and suldge amount are as follows:

»    Sludge amount : 2.500 t/d with 1,5 % DS
»    Organic residues : 700 t/d with 8 – 10 % DS
»    20.000 m³ of biogas production m³/d (50 – 60 % CH4)

Type of services provided: Concept development, basic engineering, detailed engineering, supervision of erection, start-up support, futher consulting services.